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In 2020 Si - Sook Gary formed the Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy - Gloucestershire branch.  He has studied and instructed both Kung - Fu (including:  Short hand, Long fist, Wing Chun, animal styles, and various weapons) and Tai Chi Chuan, for seventeen years in Johannesburg.  Gary has immersed himself in a proven system where multi-faceted self development is at the core of  existence.

The Songshan Kung Fu Executive Academy was founded in 1990 by the Internationally acclaimed and recognised Si - Jo John Souglides Ph.D.

Self - development, discipline and balance are at the heart of the academies focus on physical, mental and spiritual growth.  Tai Chi Chuan is a mind body meditation technique.  This martial art school in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, incorporates exercises to enhance and improve leg strength and flexibility.  The flexibility and core strength achieved from Tai Chi improves muscular conditioning.  Breathing and meditation exercises are used to connect with and improve our life force /Chi.

Si - Jo Dr.  John Souglides and Master, Dr. Cheyne MacIntosh have been teaching Si -Sook Gary the true essence of wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, honour, respect, integrity, balance and discipline. 

The local branch offers both class based and private tuition

in Tai Chi Chuan.

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